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(Previously, EffectiveDiscussions was named Debiki. But no one could pronounce or spell Debiki or had any clue about what it meant, so I renamed it to EffectiveDiscussions. However, I have not yet renamed the GitHub stuff, so all links below refer to repos named debiki-….)

Warning! Don’t download the source code. I haven’t tested this the last 5 months or so. The instructions probably doesn’t work any longer, you’re wasting your time.

Source code: Please read the instructions in the readme file: you’ll actually need to fork another repo, and run git submodule update --init --recursive therein.

If you’re looking for a certain dragscroll library, it’s Utterscroll, here.


React.js client side. Scala and Play Framework 2 server side. PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch databases. We render HTML server side by running React.js in Java 8’s Nashorn Javascript engine.


Currently EffectiveDiscussions is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, which means that it’s open source and that you can download EffectiveDiscussions, use it, modify it and share it with others, as long as you share alike your modifications.

Please let me know if you want me to change from AGPL to GPL.


Do you want to help out with developing this discussion system? Then you could send me an email. I’m afraid, though, that right now it’d be a bit hard for anyone but me to continue developing this software. For example, there are some refactorings ongoing, but no one but I knows the intended end results.

Some things you could do:

  • Suggest features that contribute to efficient discussions.
  • Have a look at anything or everything and tell me what you don’t like and how you would want it to be fixed. And then I can have a look into fixing that.
  • Try to get your own Debiki server running, and give me feedback, once I’ve written installation instructions and Docker scripts.


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anonymous??2013-03-24 01:52Z

Looking forward to seeing the source.




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In reply touser_145:sdoering?2013-03-24 10:03Z

I would love this to be a self-hostable version, as I do like to keep the data of my users on my own server, for their good. I like to save as little data as possible, even deleting access logs quite early.And I am looking for a solution to embedd comments under sites/blogposts, where the site is generated by jekyll (or nanoc for that matter).




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user_145 (KajMagnus)2013-03-25 15:29Z

Re embedding: It might be somewhat easy to modify Debiki so the discussions can be embeddable (like LiveFyre and Disqus). Perhaps “all” one would need to do, is writing a HTML template that is completely empty (so there is nothing but the actual discussions), and then have the Ruby server somehow merge Debiki’s pages into the Jekyll HTML?But writing the relevant Ruby module might take a while too? I’ve never done something similar.Or would you rather use Debiki as a service like Disqus and LiveFyre? (Instead of embedding HTML from a self-hosted version)What if there was an open source alternative to Disqus and LiveFyre 🙂 Here I found one: Juvia. Perhaps Debiki could be another alternative, in the future.I just added a Technology section on this page — please note that the server runs in the JVM and uses PostgreSQL.




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In reply touser_145:Anonymous??2013-05-29 00:25Z

Me too!




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