Shape the future. Create a discussion forum that helps your organization and its users find good answers and ideas — so you, and they, can do the right things.

Includes chat and question-answer features, and embedded comments.
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The best answer is shown first — so you'll find it instantly, although there are 30+ other answers.
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EffectiveDiscussions is good for:

Your non-profit. Talk with those you help, and internally.

Your company. Talk with your customers, and internally.

Your school or class. Let your students help each other.

Your hobby, e.g. an open source project.

Anything. A forum about relationships / games / politics ...

Help your customers / users

See a list of all unanswered questions and unsolved problems, sorted by importance.

To do: Show a video here.
To do: Show a video here.

Make better decisions

Start formal discussions, where the best comments are shown first, so people see them and can make better decisions.

Avoid mistakes

You'll see if others disagree with a suggestion / comment — then you can read the replies, to find out what the problem is.

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Gather everyone at one place

No need to split your community across Forum, Chat, Wiki. This forum software already has Chat and Wiki features, plus embedded comments for your blog.

Stay up-to-date

If you've been away for a while: (e.g. vacation)

  • Use the recent top topics view, to see what's happened recently.
  • In individual discussion topics, you'll instantly find newly added comments, via the sidebar (see video).
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Build knowledge, together

Collaboratively edit wikis, upvote good answers and good ideas — and find what you need later, by searching.

Navigate large discussions

Click the arrows, to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to jump back and continue reading. Convenient, especially on mobile phones.

Easy to find your forum

People will relatively easily find your forum when they search the Internet, because we show good comments first — and search engines like that.

Quick and simple login

Login with Google, Facebook and others. Or with username and password.

Shape your Community

Via Like and Unwantes votes, your staff and core members can shape the nature and contents of the forum. Prevent it from going off-topic and being taken over by cute kittens. Work in progress.

Free and Open Source

If you understand Linux and Docker well, you can install E.D. on your own server. One installation can host many forums. Automatic software updates.

Forum, chat, and find good answers and ideas,
so you can do the right things. Get started: