Technical Information

You can ignore everything here, unless you want to install EffectiveDiscussions on your own server, or contribute to the development of ED or write plugins or chat bots.

Source code

Source code is text and characters that humans write in order to tell your computer and mobile phone what they should be doing.


A source code license is a legal text that tells people what they may do with the source code, for example, edit it, use it, give it away to others.

Currently EffectiveDiscussions is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, which means that it's open source and that you can download EffectiveDiscussions, use it, modify it and share it with others — as long as you share alike your modifications.

Please let me know if you want me to change from AGPL to GPL.


React.js client side. Nginx, some Lua, Scala and Play Framework 2 server side. PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch databases.


Do you want to help out with developing Effective Discussions? Then please say hello in the community, or send us an email, and have a look at our Contributor License Agreement which you need to agree to.