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    Ask questions and suggest ideas, about for example hosting, features, bugs. And meet other people interested in ED.

    2017-04-30 13:11:31.291Z
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    Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

    2017-05-01 01:58:35.281Z
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    Chat about EffectiveDiscussions and related things. E.g. ask quick questions.

    2016-12-02 19:34:50.117Z
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    Testing Nested Comment is it working or not
    2017-02-07 16:00:10.499Z
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    I created some categories I don't want and I can't figure out how to delete them. Can someone help me do that? Thank you.
    2017-02-01 10:35:03.301Z
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    Here you'll find a brief tutorial and an example discussion. Do this: Scroll down and have a look at the example discussion. In the comment section, you'll directly find the insightful and useful comments, at the top (assuming people have upvoted the...
    2017-01-08 16:42:35.941Z
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    Try this:
    2017-01-08 10:34:09.228Z
  8. 1
    2016-12-23 18:54:39.040Z
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    Posted via The Onion Router.
    2016-11-27 19:42:10.032Z
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    hey, is anybody here?
    2016-11-14 14:06:02.888Z
  11. Explain icons...
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    [Edit: Ooops LaTeX no longer works. I have probably accidentally removed some Javascript somewhere. /KajMagnus] To enable writing mathematical forumlas in $\LaTeX$, one can include a certain Javascript from, plus some configur...
    2016-11-09 13:26:04.742Z
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    Hacker News (HN) is great, and sometimes a bit annoying? The annoying parts can be fixed: 1. Finding new comments When you read a discussion at Hacker News (HN), and go for a coffee or take a nap, then later how do you find comments added while you w...
    in: Ideas
    2016-10-19 04:58:35.816Z
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    List you leisure time activities ?
    2016-06-17 11:35:14.383Z
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    Do this: Scroll: click and hold left mouse button on the white background, and drag the mouse leftwards, upwards, with the mouse button held down. Please note: The two dimensional layout can be disabled; there's a per website setting. To disable it o...
    2016-05-05 05:48:54.039Z
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    I tried many times still fails to deploy, may I ask what is the problem
    2016-04-10 09:26:24.517Z
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    Sandbox moved. Go here instead:
    2016-02-14 09:55:42.289Z
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    Test test. 1MB video: 2MB video:
    2016-01-04 06:50:27.061Z
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    Here is a list of forum software that brings something new into the world, as of year 2013. To list a new piece of forum software, please reply to this topic with a forum name and link — only. Then reply again to your own reply, and clarify what nove...
    2015-12-05 07:49:45.510Z
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    Suggest new features, or things to change, or remove.
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:28:41.117Z
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    Would you like to embed Debiki's comment system on a website of yours? You could then create static HTML pages, and nevertheless get a dynamic comment section, without needing any database. It'd be similar to e.g. Disqus. It could work as follows: Ex...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:20:18.239Z
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    I'm thinking about using [the discussion system in use on this site] for Here's a noisy demo, and here is a "real" (non-demo) page. Some things that are missing: A reputation system Tagging questions, search by tags A questi...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:06:41.970Z
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    One of issues of different social and discussion sites is that up/downvotes have unclear meaning. Is it liking that someone is posting something ("thanks for sharing"), or liking its content (easthetically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, ...)...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:04:38.696Z
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    Issues and question related to Debiki (curious if it will work). [Edit: Nowadays, year 2015, please instead post a new topic for each issue or question. /KajMagnus]
    2015-09-19 07:55:19.950Z
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    Debiki feature requests. [Edit: Nowadays please instead post each idea as a separate topic. /KajMagnus]
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 07:52:48.971Z
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    Here you can ask about EffectiveDiscussions, and tell us if something seems broken.
    2015-09-19 07:41:47.183Z
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    2015-09-10 21:37:38.806Z
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    What is best, flat or threaded comments? On this page you'll find both. 1) Click Reply just below to add your opinion / answer about what is best and why. Or 2) click Add chat comment at the end of the page to talk lightly and casually about this top...
    2015-09-10 21:14:22.417Z
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    Is that why they live in the Artic? Because they eat snow?
    2015-08-30 04:39:21.937Z
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    De que queres la pizza? [Edit by KajMagnus] Apparently that means "Do you want pizza", in Galician, spoken in northwestern Spain. [/Edit]
    2015-08-10 13:20:02.773Z
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    Can this software be used for mind maps? Let's try — let's build a mind map. But what should it be about? Well, if you get lost in a forest, and an animal appears. Then it's good to know how is looks when it's angry. So here is a mind map about angry...
    2015-08-04 15:32:05.147Z
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    2013-08-11 22:00:01.195Z
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    2013-04-09 04:33:03.075Z
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    Some text for the topic. Will this take a lot of text? or just little text? Will have to test, and check. Nice, expands and starts a new line, very nifty. I think this could work for our website. Very creative work. Good Job!
    2013-03-16 20:18:27.766Z