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    Ask questions and suggest ideas, about for example hosting, features, bugs. And meet other people interested in ED.

    2017-04-30 13:11:31.291Z
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    Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

    2017-10-07 10:59:35.452Z
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    Chat about EffectiveDiscussions and related things. E.g. ask quick questions.

    2017-09-11 22:13:31.210Z
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    Hello :-) In Step 3 of the installation instructions (Install Docker), something that looks like an error happens. First, the amount of time left for the installation to be completed keeps increasing. After about 5 minutes, it plateaus at about 22 ho...
    2017-10-04 07:46:17.183Z
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    Hello! I was following the instructions on GitHub to install Effective Discussions ( and, upon running the command in step 2: ./scripts/ 2>&1 | tee -a ed-maint.log i got this screen, which i was ...
    2017-10-04 07:40:57.635Z
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    Hello :-) When attempting to run ./scripts/ 2>&1 | tee -a ed-maint.log in Step 8 of the installation instructions, i also get what appears to be an error: Should i carry on with Steps 9 and 10? Or should i wait to figure out why i...
    2017-09-18 14:43:08.800Z
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    Testing Nested Comment is it working or not
    2017-02-07 16:00:10.499Z
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    I created some categories I don't want and I can't figure out how to delete them. Can someone help me do that? Thank you.
    2017-02-01 10:35:03.301Z
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    Here you'll find a brief tutorial and an example discussion. Do this: Scroll down and have a look at the example discussion. In the comment section, you'll directly find the insightful and useful comments, at the top (assuming people have upvoted the...
    2017-01-08 16:42:35.941Z
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    Try this:
    2017-01-08 10:34:09.228Z
  11. Explain icons...
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    2016-12-23 18:54:39.040Z
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    Posted via The Onion Router.
    2016-11-27 19:42:10.032Z
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    hey, is anybody here?
    2016-11-14 14:06:02.888Z
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    [Edit: Ooops LaTeX no longer works. I have probably accidentally removed some Javascript somewhere. /KajMagnus] To enable writing mathematical forumlas in $\LaTeX$, one can include a certain Javascript from, plus some configur...
    2016-11-09 13:26:04.742Z
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    Hacker News (HN) is great, and sometimes a bit annoying? The annoying parts can be fixed: 1. Finding new comments When you read a discussion at Hacker News (HN), and go for a coffee or take a nap, then later how do you find comments added while you w...
    in: Ideas
    2016-10-19 04:58:35.816Z
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    List you leisure time activities ?
    2016-06-17 11:35:14.383Z
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    Do this: Scroll: click and hold left mouse button on the white background, and drag the mouse leftwards, upwards, with the mouse button held down. Please note: The two dimensional layout can be disabled; there's a per website setting. To disable it o...
    2016-05-05 05:48:54.039Z
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    Sandbox moved. Go here instead:
    2016-02-14 09:55:42.289Z
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    Test test. 1MB video: 2MB video:
    2016-01-04 06:50:27.061Z
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    Here is a list of forum software that brings something new into the world, as of year 2013. To list a new piece of forum software, please reply to this topic with a forum name and link — only. Then reply again to your own reply, and clarify what nove...
    2015-12-05 07:49:45.510Z
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    Suggest new features, or things to change, or remove.
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:28:41.117Z
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    Would you like to embed Debiki's comment system on a website of yours? You could then create static HTML pages, and nevertheless get a dynamic comment section, without needing any database. It'd be similar to e.g. Disqus. It could work as follows: Ex...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:20:18.239Z
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    I'm thinking about using [the discussion system in use on this site] for Here's a noisy demo, and here is a "real" (non-demo) page. Some things that are missing: A reputation system Tagging questions, search by tags A questi...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:06:41.970Z
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    One of issues of different social and discussion sites is that up/downvotes have unclear meaning. Is it liking that someone is posting something ("thanks for sharing"), or liking its content (easthetically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, ...)...
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:04:38.696Z
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    Issues and question related to Debiki (curious if it will work). [Edit: Nowadays, year 2015, please instead post a new topic for each issue or question. /KajMagnus]
    2015-09-19 07:55:19.950Z
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    Debiki feature requests. [Edit: Nowadays please instead post each idea as a separate topic. /KajMagnus]
    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 07:52:48.971Z
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    Here you can ask about EffectiveDiscussions, and tell us if something seems broken.
    2015-09-19 07:41:47.183Z
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    2015-09-10 21:37:38.806Z
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    What is best, flat or threaded comments? On this page you'll find both. 1) Click Reply just below to add your opinion / answer about what is best and why. Or 2) click Add chat comment at the end of the page to talk lightly and casually about this top...
    2015-09-10 21:14:22.417Z
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    Is that why they live in the Artic? Because they eat snow?
    2015-08-30 04:39:21.937Z
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    De que queres la pizza? [Edit by KajMagnus] Apparently that means "Do you want pizza", in Galician, spoken in northwestern Spain. [/Edit]
    2015-08-10 13:20:02.773Z
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    Can this software be used for mind maps? Let's try — let's build a mind map. But what should it be about? Well, if you get lost in a forest, and an animal appears. Then it's good to know how is looks when it's angry. So here is a mind map about angry...
    2015-08-04 15:32:05.147Z
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    2013-08-11 22:00:01.195Z
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    How will this Markdown source render: (will there be a line break?) Roses are red Violets are blue You should have no idea, since any trailing spaces are invisible (they indicate line breaks, in Markdown). Also you don't know which particular Markd...
    in: Ideas
    2013-06-16 18:11:40.394Z
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    2013-04-09 04:33:03.075Z
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    Some text for the topic. Will this take a lot of text? or just little text? Will have to test, and check. Nice, expands and starts a new line, very nifty. I think this could work for our website. Very creative work. Good Job!
    2013-03-16 20:18:27.766Z