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Here you’ll find topics about hosting, features, bugs, development, and other things. Feel free to create one yourself.read more
Uncategorized02015-07-29 20:24Z
HomepagePages02015-11-19 07:05Z
Tutorial — 2D layoutSandboxUM2542015-11-07 21:55Z
Tutorial — you can start hereSandboxV282015-10-24 23:46Z
The DEMO — click hereSandboxB22015-10-12 18:26Z
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How do I use EffectiveDiscussions to make more money?Pages02015-09-26 05:41Z
How do I use EffectiveDiscussions to change the world?Pages02015-09-21 03:31Z
List of forum software for the futureUncategorizedU142015-09-19 08:56Z
About the Old categoryOld, ignoreU02015-09-19 08:50Z
About the Ideas categoryIdeas02015-09-19 08:28Z
Debiki as an Embedded Comment System?IdeasU12015-09-19 08:20Z
$\LaTeX$ demo (works inside this topic only)SupportU22015-09-19 08:11Z
Open-ended-questions.org discussion systemIdeasU62015-09-19 08:06Z
Semantics of an upvote – how to deal with it?IdeasU142015-09-19 08:04Z
Debiki issuesSupportU72015-09-19 07:55Z
Debiki feature requestsIdeasU342015-09-19 07:52Z
About the Support categorySupport02015-09-19 07:41Z
sadfdsafsdfsfdsfsdSandboxAT162015-09-10 21:37Z
What is best: flat or threaded comments?Sandbox02015-09-10 21:14Z
About the Sandbox categorySandboxU02015-09-10 00:18Z
About the Pages categoryPages02015-09-10 00:11Z
Do penguins eat snow?SandboxG22015-08-30 04:39Z
Pizza domingueraSandboxD122015-08-10 13:20Z
Mind Map: Angry animalsSandboxT2112015-08-04 15:32Z
Flat and Threaded Comments At The Same TimePages112015-01-10 19:23Z
Creating Your Own ForumPages02015-01-03 03:27Z
The Like-Wrong comment rating systemPages02014-10-21 19:46Z
tituloSandboxD72013-08-11 22:00Z
test 1SandboxU02013-04-09 04:33Z
Configuring a Debiki test site (as of Mars 2013)Old, ignoreU12013-03-25 03:55Z
Test TopicSandboxV292013-03-16 20:18Z