Forums with Answers and Chat
inspired by Discourse, StackOverflow and Slack

Create a discussion forum for your company / non-profit / something.
In the forum, gather ideas from your users, and give support,
whilst your staff collaborate in real time in chat rooms.

Question & Answers

In your forum, your visitors find answers to their questions, because good answes are shown first (video to the right).

todo: video
todo: video

Forum software too

You can be social and talk or chat with others — without distracting those looking for answers.

Team chat

Create communication channels for your projects, teams, or specific topics. Drag and drop images and files into the chat. Easily overview all chat channels.

(Work in progress. No native mobile phone apps planned.)

todo: video

Don't be deluded

When people disagree and think a comment or idea is wrong or bad, we show a warning, so you can think twice. — Avoiding doing the wrong things, can be as important as doing the right things.

Large discussions

Click the arrows to jump to the parent comment, read it to refresh your mind, and then click Back (or just B) to continue reading (video to the left).

There's a Summarize Replies button, which helps you find the stuff you want to read, in a long discussion.

Mind Maps and 2D layout

Create mind maps, with images and videos, and let your community members comment on and discuss the mind map entries. (Partly implemented.)

People can hear you

If you post a comment, it'll appear in a recent comments list, so that others can find it. In other threaded discussion systems, like Reddit, people would have to scan the whole page from top to bottom, to see your comment.

You can @mention specific people (use their username) — then they will be notified via email.

Search Engine (SEO) friendly

The most interesting comments are shown first, and therefore get indexed by search engines like Google and Bing (rather than some random early comments). (Partly implemented.)

Log in with Google, Facebook, Yahoo

People can leave comments as guests, or login with Google, Facebook, GitHub or create password accounts.

Secure (soon)

This is alpha/beta software right now so there might be security bugs. Anyway, our hosting service is going to use HTTP Secure (HTTPS) always (later when we have bought a certificate and Let's Encrypt is available). We require strong passwords and hash them with scrypt.

Simple Websites

In addition to forum topics, you can create simple web pages based on HTML and CSS. This site is built with EffectiveDiscussions for example.

Links automatically expand

Paste a link to YouTube or Wikipedia — then then video, or an excerpt from the Wikipedia page, will automatically be inserted. (Works for images and videos only right now, not for Wikipedia or GitHub and others.)

Planned features

Correct and up-to-date information

People can suggest improvements of each other's texts, and in that way fix broken links and factual errors.

Search that works well

EffectiveDiscussions uses a dedicated full-text-search database (ElasticSearch) for good search results. But I've disabled it. I'll reenable it again later.

Shape your Community

Do you want an open-ended tolerant discussion forum? Perhaps one that focuses on a service your organization provides? Via a meta moderation system, and Like and Unwanted votes, your staff and core members can shape the nature and contents of the forum. This prevents, for example, a site about open-minded political ideas from becoming an echo chamber, or going off-topic and be be taken over by cute kittens.

Embeddable user feedback or chat?

Like GetSatisfaction and UserVoice, but with fewer features.

Admin section

The administrator pages are currently underdeveloped. Here lots of work is required.

And lastly:

Discourse is lovely forum software.

StackOverflow is question-answers software.

Slack is team chat software.

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