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Find the useful comments

We help people find the insightful and useful comments. Just scroll down a bit; they're shown first, hopefully.

In the example to the right: you don't have to read hundereds of comments. Instead, you'll find out directly which species is the kindest species on Earth.

The algorithm that finds useful comments takes into account that people tend to upovte the topmost comments only (because they start at the top but don't read the whole page).

Make better decisions

If people disagree about something or think a comment is wrong, we show a warning, so you can think twice.

Also, making good decisions becomes easier, when useful and insightful comments are shown first.

Saves time, helps you remember

We show a list of comments that you have not yet read, in case you return to a topic later to finish reading. Or if new comments have appeared when you went for a coffee. This list helps you find the next comments to read, directly. (Not yet implemented.)

You can star comments with yellow and blue stars. Yellow is for comments you want to find later. Blue is for comments you plan to reply to, it's your todo list. (Not yet implemented.)

People can hear you

With threaded discussions like ours, your comment might end up somewhere deep down in the discussion tree, and only the person you replied to reads it. However, our recent comments list helps everyone find your comment (because after you've posted your comment, it ends up first in the recent comments list).

You can @mention specific people (use their username) and then they will be notified via email (in addition to the person you replied to).

You will hear other people as well: if you open a forum topic, you'll directly find any ongoing discussion via the recent comments list.

Large discussions

On large pages, the comment you're reading might be far away from the comment it replies to, because there are so many comments. Then just click the arrows to jump to the parent comment, read it to refresh your mind, and then click 'Back' to continue reading.

And, if you're feeling adventurous, enable our 2D layout, which gives a good overview of the discussion (some like it, others don't).

Log in with Google, Facebook, Yahoo

People can leave comments as guests, or login with Google, Facebook, GitHub.

SEO friendly

The most interesting comments are shown first, and therefore get indexed by search engines like Google and Bing (rather than some random early comments).

Links automatically expand

Paste a link to YouTube or Wikipedia — then then video, or an excerpt from the Wikipedia page, will automatically be inserted. (Works for images and videos only right now, not for Wikipedia or GitHub and others.)

Planned features

Some of these planned features were inspired by Discourse, which is new good forum software.
Discourse shows all comments in a flat list; it does not attempt to show the interesting and useful comments first.

Correct and up-to-date information

People can suggest improvements of each other's texts, and in that way fix broken links and factual errors.

Search that works well

Debiki uses a dedicated full-text-search database (ElasticSearch) for good search results. But I've disabled it. I'll reenable it again later.

Shape your Community

Do you want an open-ended tolerant discussion forum? Perhaps one that focuses on the service your organization provides? Via a meta moderation system, and Like and Unwanted buttons, your staff and core members can shape the nature and contents of the forum. This prevents, for example, a site about open-minded political ideas from becoming an echo chamber, or going off-topic and be be taken over by cute kittens.

Self moderating

When users interact with the forum in a good way, the forum software starts trusting them, and allows them to help out with moderating the forum.

Reply while you read

Jump between different topics and quote posts and gather more information whilst composing your reply.

Reply as a linked topic

Click "Reply as new topic" to start a new topic, and that topic will be linked from the current topic.

Admin section

The administrator pages are currently underdeveloped. Here lots of work is required.

And lastly:

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